The Academy Programs

Our comprehensive programs provide students with action items, resources and detailed instructions that support each activity. We help students choose a major, develop a college list, and build an application timeline to ensure that no college application deadlines are missed. We also review each college essay draft giving invaluable, concrete feedback throughout essay development.

The Four Year College Pathway

This pathway is for students applying to 4 year colleges and universities. The program starts during the 2nd semester of a student’s junior year and runs through January of a student’s senior year.

Community College Pathway

This pathway is for community college transfer students. We guide students through the process of finding the right community college and target 4 year college, and provide ongoing support as students earn a 2 year Associate's Degree and transfer to a 4 year college or university. We spend extra time with these students to ensure that they have the correct course schedule and credits they need to transfer. Once they’ve earned an AA degree, we take them through the transfer process.

"Thank you for all of the support and help you've given me. I'm extremely grateful for you!"
-Melissa N. Class of 2022

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