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Founding Engineer Full-Time - Remote
We are looking for a founding engineer who is inspired by the prospect of increasing college graduation rates and improving economic outcomes for students at under-resourced high schools. We are designing and building an automated college advising platform that will scale and support future growth. Our goal is to level the playing field in the college application process so that students from more diverse backgrounds find and successfully get into the college or university that will set them on the path to success. If you are that person, The Academy is the place for you.

About the company
The Academy was founded to level the college admissions playing field. Our first product is a one year program that guides high school juniors and seniors through the college admissions process. Students receive monthly action items, all backed with detailed instructions and resources to support each activity. We help to customize each student’s college list and review each college essay giving concrete feedback students find invaluable.
There are more than 5 million students in the US that have no access to college advising and thousands more that need additional help. We are committed to supporting Title 1 and first generation students through the college application process. In our first year we served 44 students through three partner organizations in the 2020/2021 school year and we are expecting up to 800 students in the 2021/2022 school year.
We are currently pursuing 501c3 non-profit status and expect to receive it sometime in 2022. We will be self-funding until this process is complete.

Founding Story
Our founder, Andrea Ralston has been focused on equality of opportunity for many years. After working closely with a local college advisor, she realized that the guidance they provide to prospective college students can make a huge difference. This realization led her to found Academy College Prep with the goal of making college advising more accessible.

The Role
We are designing and building an automated college advising platform that will scale and support future growth. We are looking for an engineer with a passion for philanthropy and education and a strong sense for product to lead the development of our advising platform. 
Our goal is to automate as much of the college application process as possible, which will allow us to support every student in need. For example, a critical component will be college search and college list building. This is currently a manual, tedious process, so we are building a system that can automatically give each student suggestions based on their profile and selected filters. We will also require LMS (learning management system) features such as scheduling, calendar, assignments, reminders, quizzes, messaging, and file storage.
You will be playing an essential role on our small team and will be our founding engineer! This role will involve defining our MVP and taking our product from 0-1. As our founding engineer, you will help shape our product and can pick the stack (django, rails, whatever you want) and build from scratch!

Minimum Qualifications
Passionate about philanthropy/education.Full stack plus front-end. We are looking for versatility and autonomy.Strong engineering background/education (Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or related course of study).Cares deeply about product and the customer experience.Experience building responsive web-apps.Moves fast and ships things, iterates quickly.Willing / wants to work in a remote / virtual org.

Nice to have
Experience leading product development.Experience in education technology especially building learning management tools.Experience with IOS/Android native apps.

What we offer
Competitive salary based on experience level. Full Benefits package.

"Thank you for all of the support and help you've given me. I'm extremely grateful for you!"
-Melissa N. Class of 2022

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